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System Change services

Relifin Technologies™ can deliver complete system change within your organization, helping you transition to your new platform smoothly, with minimal disruption, and exploit its business benefits as quickly as possible.

We understand that system change is about much more than just software, and our first class consultants, with their unrivalled knowledge in Banking & Financial Sector will work closely with you to help achieve your business goals.

Relifin Technologies™ can assist you with planning and executing every step in a system change program to ensure that your broader business goals are achieved.

  • Business requirement gathering
  • Data migration and conversion
  • Finance support and data reconciliation
  • Implementation planning and reviews
  • Management information reporting and strategy
  • Independent Testing

Bomb Squad

  • Changing your company’s operating system is not like changing into a different outfit. Some may have you believe that it’s a simple process that you can get at a discount by going through a freelance offer. But, a true system change is like dismantling a bomb: there is only one correct way to ensure that it doesn’t blow up in your face. Just as you would call a bomb squad to dismantle a bomb and not a freelancer that claims he knows what he’s doing, the same is true with this.
  • A system change is not just about the initial process but the overall implementation into the fabric of your company. After all, if your new system is up and running but doesn’t properly flow with the day to day operation, you have witnessed a violent explosion. And it could very well lead to the end of business.
  • We at Relifin Technologies™ don’t only offer you a system change but ensure that it matches up and is fully understood by everyone involved. Anything else is a failure and could have detrimental consequences.
  • Business is a numbers game and the majority of small-scale company owners don’t have exposure to creating information systems. In reality, it’s also normally low on their top priority list, well behind the typical norm of performing some other venture. The issue is that when your company model isn’t tuned – years’ worth of earnings can simply slip away – despite the fact that considerable effort is being forced into.
  • The Impact: Profits are the most effective fuel for development and setting up constant effectiveness will help you to build your business the way you would like to. We’ll create the components which are the cornerstone for designing and setting up lucrative businesses.
  • When it comes down to it, you’re dealing with a bomb. Why wouldn’t you call the bomb squad?